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“We do know that weight loss and exercise can prevent diabetes,” said Peters. “I am a big advocate of prevention, both early prevention of obesity altogether, as well as prevention of diabetes in individuals who have become overweight. Lifestyle changes can help prevent diabetes. Once you have diabetes, I think weight loss and exercise can have benefits, but they are not going to reduce the risk for the primary outcome that we set for Look AHEAD, which was a risk for macrovascular events or death.”

“Despite the lack of cardiovascular benefit observed in Look AHEAD, Peters stressed that diabetic patients should not stop exercising or begin eating anything they wish.”

Here’s a result that may really bring you down.  If you’re already type 2 diabetic, and you’re big and lethargic, and you become smaller and more active, your health grades will improve, your fitness level will improve, your overall quality of life will improve, but the finding of this study is that your risk of heart attack, stroke, or angina does not go down.

In fact, the study was actually halted early because it would have been a disservice to the test subjects to continue looking for heart benefit.

Three important take-aways:

1. This is one study; don’t base your life on one study.

2. Keep exercising and losing weight if you’re type 2 diabetic and you see that it’s improving your health.

3. If you are obsese and NOT yet type 2 diabetic, that’s remarkable and you need to absolutely for sure lose weight BEFORE you progress into that particular diagnosis.


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