Why do I crave foods I’m allergic to?

Will eat for food
This may not be universally true at all, but it’s an interesting data point.  When my wife went to an allergist for a suspected food allergy, one of the first questions on their form was what foods she craved, and what foods she detested.  The first set of allergy tests, they only tested for foods she loved or hated!   The doc said that it’s totally normal to crave or hate something that you’re allergic to.

I know you’ll get a lot of advice about breaking cravings.  Here’s the only two I’ve found that always work for me.  First, make sure you’re never extremely hungry, by eating often enough and not cutting the calories so low it induces a little bit of hunger panic.

Second, I find it totally impossible to eat while doing certain things, so when I’m feeling like a crave coming on I usually switch over to doing something like that.  I can’t eat on the treadmill.  I can’t eat while walking the dog.  I can’t eat while writing in my journal.  I can’t eat while I’m talking.  I can’t eat while I’m praying if I close my eyes 🙂   Usually if I spend 20-30 minutes doing something like that, the desire to eat has ended (or it’s about time for the next mean and I can wait).

Not that it ever gets easy.  Just that there are ways around the worst parts.


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