Is the Snooze button the biggest threat to your morning exercise?

English: The face of a black windup alarm clock

Maybe you’re not like me at all.  Maybe you don’t set the alarm for 5:30 knowing you’ll snooze till 5:50 or 6:10 or even later.

It goes without saying that if you snooze-button away a half hour, you (1) deprive yourself of whatever nice deep sleep you’d have gotten in that half hour (2) are eating up a half hour out of BOTH your sleep AND the productive part of your day while you desperately try to pretend it’s not morning.

Let’s do this — make this a SNOOZE BUTTON FREE WEEK. This morning, for only one week, set your alarm to your ideal wake-up time and just get up when it rings, the first time, and go on with your day.  Then evaluate at the end of the week.  I bet we’ll feel much better about how our time is being used and will feel better in general.  Give it a try.


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  1. Reblogged this on High Voltage Health and commented:
    The hardest step is the first one on the floor. Get there as soon as your alarm goes off.


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