Your precious snowflake’s school lunch is a hot mess

The government, here to protect you again, has stepped up its protection of your young scholar’s eating habits and has given your school 10 cents per meal per child to pump them full of healthy food.

Students strike against new federal school lunch rules.

Much of what’s here is pretty much anticipated push back from kids used to eating a school lunch created such that they will eat most of it, but now being given lunches more tailored to being a more nutritious slant.  Enough said there.   Eat it or pack your lunch, precious.

What IS of interest here is that the caloric intake level is portion-controlled for the typical sized child.  It’s not enough food for some and too much food for others.  Yet it looks like some of the food options each day are self-service.  Which being translated is to say, the foods they want more of are limited.  Pack an extra snack.  Better yet, pack your lunch and escape the whole issue of your government deciding what you should eat.



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