Lean Cuisine Fiesta Grilled Chicken review, and an easy, better, homemade solution.

Got to say, frozen meal packages are evolving into masterworks of photographic art.

It doesn’t look like the box, it looks like this:

What looked like it was going to be a Mexican meal served up in authentic south-of-the-border style, turned out to be just another pile of sauced chicken with a side pile of rice to stir it into.

It’s not horrible. It’s OK.  My final impression was, wonder how the brown grill marks get on the meat, wonder how much salt is in here, and wondering what specific lack of taste the salt is covering for.  That would probably vegetables. There’s some little chips of various frozen food veggie pieces, and that’s about it.

If you like this even a little bit, let me recommend making something much better yourself.

9×13″ pan.

Stack of corn tortillas.

Jar of salsa, 8 oz of cream cheese mixed together.  Low fat cream cheese is fine.

Can of corn.

Can of pintos or black beans.

Little can of green peppers.

Rice if you want.  A cup or two, brown or white.  Be like Chipotle and stir some cilantro into your rice.  Don’t be like Taco Bell and stir salad dressing into it.  Shudder.

Thin covering of cheese on top so it doesn’t get dry.

Now make lasagna out of this in a pan. Layer, layer, cover.  Heat until it’s warm and gooey.  You’ve got six Better Cuisines there, for the cost of 2 Lean Cuisines.  Freeze or refrigerate separately for your convenience.  You can get a little creative with olives, sliced tomatoes, green salsa, hot sauce, whatever you want.  Enjoy.


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