Tofurkey Hot Dog review

 We tried.  We really did.  Seems like something to take hiking with vegetarians.  Seems like something anybody could enjoy.

First problem:  the dog would not eat one.   The red lights in my head started flashing like at a train crossing.

Second problem: the gluten free among us said they hoped it tastes better on a bun because by itself it tastes like seasoned soybean paste.  Which makes sense.

Third problem:    I can’t do it.  Sorry.  In the right setting, with a lot of fresh condiments, this might work.  I think I’d rather just skip the analogue meat and eat the rest of the meal without it. A bun with onion, pickle relish, and mustard tastes more like a hot dog without this on it than with this on it.    Give it a B for effort and for going to the extra trouble to look very hot dog like.


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