How to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet when you’re losing weight

Yes.   You can definitely eat at an all you can eat buffet without it setting you back on your weight loss program.

Actually, you’re going to need this as a lifelong skill, so suck it up and get used to it now and it will eventually become second nature.

Here’s three easy steps.

1. Survey.  Walk the whole buffet line, visualizing which of these things you’d be eating if you were eating your perfect meal having your perfect day.

2. Choose.   Go through the line, with one plate, and choose those things, and only those things.

3. Eat and enjoy the company of others.  People are complex and fascinating, and everybody is interesting to talk to, if you find out what to talk about.


Here’s a clue from my high school job as a country veterinarian’s assistant.  If you leave the corn crib open, and you have cows and pigs, here’s what will happen.  A pig will mosey into an open corn crib, eat what it wants to eat, and lie down in the middle of it and fall asleep.  A cow, on the other hand, will go barreling in at breakneck speed and will eat until it literally cannot get any more food to go down.  Cows don’t belch.  They founder; they get so full that you have to use a treatment that involves pretty much a garden hose down the throat or even through the skin into the stomach.

Don’t eat like a cow at the buffet.   Eat like a pig.  Eat what you’d normally be eating, enjoy the experience, and get out.


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