Why do I keep throwing away so much food?

Food waste is the largest single portion of solid waste cramming American landfills. Since the 1970s, the amount of uneaten fare that is dumped has jumped 50%. The average American trashes 10 times as much food as a consumer in Southeast Asia, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

via Americans toss out as much as 40% of their food, study says – latimes.com.

Ways to throw away less food:

(1) Shop much more often for your fresh food.  At least twice weekly.

(2) Find ways to use less than perfect looking food.  For example, corn on the cob that’s dried out from sitting around still tastes really good if you cut it off the cob and cook it.

(3)  Compost.  You don’t need to turn a pile every day, just dig and fill in.


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