What should I eat for breakfast at a fast-food place?

A host of major fast-food giants are making an effort to offer customers lighter and more nutritious ways to start their mornings, and there’s no denying the importance of a healthy breakfast to set you on the right track for the day.

via America’s healthiest fast-food breakfasts | Fox News.

Look, let’s just dispense with all the pleasantries about how you’d rather cook for yourself but you just caaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn’t because of whatever reason you’re currently using.

Breakfast is the easiest, fastest, meal to make. You can make your own breakfast faster than you can sit in the drive through line.  Guaranteed.

If you find that you must eat fast food for breakfast, I’ll give you 100 to 1 odds that you’re not planning ahead.   Allowing for some unusual combination of actual emergencies, here’s our recommendation for the best fast-food place for breakfast.

The best fast food breakfast on the go, is at your grocery store.    Grab a couple of bananas and some yogurt, and get out.  Or something along those lines.  This also works for lunch and dinner, by the way.  We are major fans of the food bar at Whole Foods, and the single serve ready to eat packs at Trader Joes.  Your grocer wants to be your go-to destination for quick meals.  Give them the opportunity to do so.

The second best fast food breakfast on the go, is portable food.  Just an example: Clif bars will last a long time in your car without getting weird or melty.  Prepare your vehicle ahead of time.  Don’t store the food somewhere you can reach while you’re just out puttering around; save it for meal time.


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