Physically active in midlife linked with lower CRP, IL-6 levels

London, UK – In a large, prospective UK study, participants who kept physically active during their 50s had lower levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin-6 (IL-6)—inflammatory markers that increase with age and are linked to cardiovascular disease [1]. The findings reinforce the importance of staying active as one ages, say the researchers, led by Dr Mark Hamer (University College London, UK).

“What these data specifically show for the first time is the chronicity of physical activity,” Hamer told heartwire. “People who were consistently active over a 10-year period had much more favorable inflammatory markers.

“We know that inflammatory markers are important for heart health. This suggests that the way physical activity is possibly working is through the inflammatory pathway,” he added. Clinicians need to “encourage regular, moderate physical activity. . . . The most popular moderate physical activity in this age group is, in fact, brisk walking.”

The study is published online August 13, 2012 in Circulation.

via Physically active in midlife linked with lower CRP, IL-6 levels | (subscription-required site)


Staying physically active as you age pays huge benefits.  Note that moderate activity — brisk walking — is what it takes.  That puts swimming and many different types of planned physical activity in there too.  They’re talking about the net effect of a 10 year pattern of physical activity all through their 50’s.  Move some today so you can move some more tomorrow   


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