Jennie-O Turkey Store Turkey Bacon review

Saw the eye-catching, resealable package in the store and decided to give it a go.

I am not a turkey bacon fan, but around here we try some things just to blog them, I must admit.

Here goes.

Mechanically separated turkey:  think of taking all the meat containing parts of a turkey that can’t be otherwise sold, putting them in a colander, and running a fire-hose through it, then filtering out the resulting flakes of mostly meat and using them.  Okfine. Now add some larger meaty bits, make a paste, flavor that with smoke flavoring, cure it with nitrates like bacon, and make it bacon-shaped.  That’s what’s in the package.  It’s inexpensive, quite low in fat and sodium, and low in calories.  And it takes almost, but not entirely unlike bacon.

If not for the nitrates and the mechanically separated turkey we’d give this an “A-“.  Which, if you’re looking, is widely available at a higher cost than this particular product.

If you work at it you can get it crispy, and if you use it in a whole wheat BLT it won’t be all that distinguishable from pork bacon…. which is nearly out of budgetary reach right now because hogs eat a lot of corn, and corn is at an all time high price, weather-related.

One gets what one pays for.  It’s a “B“.


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