If I have Type 2 Diabetes, should I get really fat so I can live longer?

In the study, people with diabetes who were of normal weight at the time of their diagnosis were about twice as likely to die from any cause over a 10- to 30-year period than those who were overweight or obese at diagnosis.

via Among diabetes patients, the obese outlive the trim – Vitals.

Whoa there.  The study MSNBC is trying to report on is totally a valid data point, but the author of the story has completely missed the boat trying to explain it.

85% of people with Type 2 Diabetes are obese.  It’s by and large an obese person’s disease.  There are some normal weight people who develop Type 2 Diabetes, from genetic or other factors, and it’s difficult to treat compared to obesity-related Type 2 Diabetes.

If you got large and then got diagnosed with Type 2, there’s above an 80% chance that if you lose sufficient weight you will not have your Type 2 with you unless you regain that weight again.  That’s a completely safe, effective, and positive treatment plan for you to work with your doctor to produce.   So, no, do not try to gain weight on top of what you already have, in an attempt to live longer.  That’s not what this is about at all.


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