Cricket, the sport with pre-arranged tea

“If either 9 wickets are already down when 2 minutes remains to the agreed time for tea, or the 9th wicket falls within this 2 minutes, or at any time up to and including the final ball of the over in progress at the agreed time for tea, then, notwithstanding the provisions of Law 16.5(b) (Completion of an over), tea will not be taken until the end of the over that is in progress 30 minutes after the originally agreed time for tea, unless the players have cause to leave the field of play or the innings is completed earlier.”

via LONDON: It’s easy to get distracted from Olympic archery – Dave Barry –

It really is one of the rules of the game, you can cross check that by googling the whole section above.

You have to love a sport and a people with a built-in time for tea.  Here’s a list, by the way, of the health benefits of tea.


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