Eat Mor Chickn

This was the line at our Chick-Fil-A at dinner time last night after the first half-hour.  The line continued around, and inside.  They ran out of pretty much every entree, offered coupons for free food later, and still people stayed until they were served.  I did not see one person fall out of line.  Personally I would have bought the salt shakers off their tables if that was all they had left.

I’ve never seen a more inclusive, open group of people of all races, religions or absence thereof — all there to show their support for the idea that in this country, we have the freedom to express our moral, ethical, and religious values without fear of retribution by the government.

Look. Everywhere you spend your food dollar, part of that spend goes to fund whatever it is that company funds and whatever culture they support.  You can look it up, you can choose to go elsewhere if that bothers you, and perhaps you should.  But that does not give government officials the ability to deny access to a business because they don’t agree with the beliefs of the leaders of that business.  I would, and I have, frequented other businesses MORE after finding that there was racial or religious objection to them being in my neighborhood.  But this case has been so much more pointed, because the views objected to were the views of the majority of Americans, upheld by popular elections in 32 of the 32 states where the issue has been placed on the ballot.

I do not hate gay people.  I have a gay family member whom I love dearly and would take a bullet for if it comes to that.  I have employed and managed vocal members of every separate category of the LGBT community.  So does Chick-Fil-A.   We’re tolerant people.  Be tolerant of our beliefs, like we are of yours.  Right now, as always, the screaming intolerance and exclusivity are coming from the people on the left who are supposed to  have the more enlightened opinions.    

Believe what you want to believe, and I will not hate you for it.  Pass the chicken.


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