How can I stop the temptation to go off my food plan?

You can’t.  But you don’t have to.

You may *always* have thoughts that are completely contrary to where you want the rest of your life to go.  This applies not just to eating but to anything you’re doing that’s a big change.  Smokers may still suddenly want one several years after they’ve stopped.  Myself, I still get the urge to pull into McDonalds and sneak a #1 combo on the way home to dinner like I used to.  It’s no big deal, because I don’t act on it.

Feeling is not doing.  You do not have to act on your feelings.  Just like when you’re driving and have a sudden inspiration to tell off that guy who just did a dumb thing.   You feel it but don’t do it, and you get on with your day.

We’re much too attuned to how we feel.  You’ll notice that here in this space we seldom venture down the path of feelings.  There’s plenty of other people in your life already to commiserate, to pat your hand and say, you poor thing, go ahead and eat that whole chocolate cake, and here’s some ice cream and sweet tea to wash it down with.


Just STOP IT.  STOP IT NOW.   Be the grown-up.   Do not focus on how bad you feel about the absence of the old way of life you are leaving.  Focus on the future goal, like you do whenever you want something that’s hard to get.


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