What are the essential grill tools?

There’s a ton of cool grill tools out there.  Lights so you can grill in the dark.  Pizza pans, skewer holders, smokers …. just a fascinating, endless variety.

And well there should be.  Grilling imparts a wonderful flavor and gets the heat out of the kitchen in the summer.  Not to mention it’s the only way to get hubby to offer to cook, in some families.

What do you really need?  Make your choices around preparation speed, so you’re always tempted to use the grill, and around versatility and frequency of use, so you’re not buying very limited use items.

From that perspective, here’s some essentials:

1. A thermometer, unless you’re in for the hand-tolerance drill.

2. Something non-shatterable to carry raw food TO the grill on, and something else to carry it back FROM the grill.  If it’s meat, don’t use the same plate for both.

3. Something long-handled to turn food with.   You do not need a pointy fork just to cook meat, as you don’t want to be jabbing holes in your meat. 

Everything else is optional; base it on what kind of cooking you do and what you like to eat.


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