How do I get the motivation to restart my weight loss program when I’ve tried and failed so many times before?

weight loss tracker week 5Just start.

If you’ve lost a few (or a lot of) pounds before, repeatedly, you’re already an expert in losing weight.  You’re just not yet an expert in losing the weight and never finding it again.

So… plan, prepare, and then start.

Motivation often does not occur unless you either (a) are crazy scared from some external issue, or (b)  have been having some success and are starting to realize that change is happening.

My personal favorite way to restart is to manipulate your life situation so that BOTH OF THE ABOVE conditions simultaneously come true.  For example,    I’ve been known to schedule a doctor visit 4-6 weeks in the future, for a full physical, knowing full well that if I’m at the weight I am, I’m going to get an eyebrow raised or even an uncomfortable lecture on the strong possibility of early death if that weight gain were to continue.  That   automatically brings about the instant motivation to lose several pounds right away.  Then to generate the success factor to go along with it, I log food, track progress, and after the first few days I really  celebrate the small progress in the right direction by extending that rate of weight loss out for several weeks and setting a challenge goal, to walk into the doctor’s office X pounds lighter, which is invariably less than or the same as I weighed at my last doctor visit, and I know that when I walk in with that weight, there will be much rejoicing and patting of backs.   Enough so that I can imagine what that’s going to be like and can use that as fuel for the fire within.

Other people can encourage you, but you are the only one who can motivate you.  I can’t reach out there and get you up from the computer and into actively enjoying  this day God has ordained for you.  That’s something you’re going to have to do; take one step now, then another, then repeat till you get where you’re going.


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