Pomegranate juice linked to significant blood pressure reduction

Research by Anthony Lynn et al. published in the journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition found that pomegranate juice supplementation had short-term benefits for blood pressure after 51 healthy adults showed a large fall in blood pressure after drinking the juice for four weeks.

via Pomegranate juice linked to significant blood pressure reduction.

Have you seen this?  You can add yet one more possible benefit of drinking pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate is one of the first foods we have evidence of medical uses for — all the way back to Egypt.  In fact it’s possibly  that pomegranate is the fruit, or the descendant of the fruit, referred to in the story in Genesis of Adam and Eve and the fruit of good and evil.  Not that you’re wondering, but when asked if we think Adam and Eve was a real human event or an allegory story, we’d say, both.  They were the real first two people, the human progenetors, and it’s also used as a way of showing the larger path of sin and redemption.  But I digress.

Pomegranate is a wonderfully sweet yet astringent tasting food that I’ve found to be more than a little trouble to eat seeds and all.  It appears the juice, in this case, has benefits in and of itself, and you can buy the juice already ready to drink, perhaps more accessibly than buying the fruit.

Have some.


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