What’s your Plan B today?

You have your exercise options figured out for today and you’ve picked the one that’s most inviting.  What if that one becomes unavailable.

Like yesterday … the  kayaking was going to be so great but then it got to 103 degrees where we live.  NOT going to happen on the lake today.  So … Plan B …long dog walk again. No problem.  Then from one minute to the next a huge storm came up.  The dogs don’t like to walk after a rain because they’re very fru fru and don’t like their long coats getting wet.

SO …

There’s still a Plan C …  treadmill and bowflex downstairs, which is the default Plan C we fall back to at our house whenever we need to.  It’s not bad, it’s just that in the summer we like to be out and about for the exercise as possible.   But when it’s not, that exercise IS going to come from somewhere.

How about you?  Do you have some options lined up in your personal life for today?    Definitely, if you can give yourself options for your exercise time, your eating, your play time, and even for part of your work time to deal with any unforseens which WILL come up, you’ll finish the day with much more of a feeling of having moved forward purposefully today.


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