Amy’s Indian Palak Paneer review

Amy’s is one of those companies that just keeps doing the right things, and doing them right. Every item we’ve ever tried is something we’d eat again, and frequently do. Every one of their items are all-natural and vegetarian, and many are gluten free, so they’re good to keep in the house for times when a special meal is needed pronto.

Not to mention they taste good. Their frozen Indian line is especially good, probably even if you don’t like or know anything about Indian food.

Palak Paneer is, in American terms, home style skim milk mozzarella cheese (same process as fat free cottage cheese, just set up a little more) in a base of sauced spinach. And to make it a proper Indian meal there’s a bean side and some nice rice on the side of that. It’s all good.

Only thing we wish were different is it’s a little high in sodium; about 1/3 of the daily maximum for people not on a salt restricted diet. But still, all in all, a very good effort, very pleasant, very well done for a frozen meal. We’ll give it an A minus.


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