Nutrisystem at home vs Weight Watchers at home

Two different at-home solutions.  What’s not to love? No meetings, no personal pressure, no reporting in to the lady with the finger wagging.

Yet they’re totally different.  Nutrisystem sends you a box of food and you eat it.  Weight Watchers gives you tracking tools and you eat your own food.

They’re actually not so different if you consider that about half of the food you eat on your Nutrisystem program, by volume, is the vegetables and other side items you provide yourself, from a list of approved foods.  If you don’t like vegetables you’ll be at a disadvantage either way.

With NS you track calories; with WW you track points.   Points are a factor of a food’s nutrient values and calories.  Pretty much the same there.  You’ll be counting, either way.

If you are not interested in guaranteeing your caloric deficit by some manner of record keeping, it’s going to be a long road.  But there’s something even more important missing.  If you’re not interested in other people knowing what you’re up to, BOTH programs are going to be  hard.  Both programs offer online support groups, but, look. You don’t know those people.  You don’t have to look those people in the face and tell them you’re trying hard.    There’s a zillion people coming and going every day and there’s no way to evaluate people and know who to  emulate.

The main issue we see with both programs is there’s no opportunity for you to bond with other people who are on the same road as you, and there’s nobody to have to report in to.  Accountability and support go a LONG way.  If you still remember going to school … would you have studied hard for an exam if you knew everybody would get an A no matter what?  Or do you remember sports … would you try as hard if there was no scorekeeping?

Keeping track, and checking in, are  part of the success story hundreds of thousands of people have had with major weight loss.  You can do great with EITHER of these programs if you find someone to report in to, someone who knows how hard you are (or aren’t!) working, and then keep them totally informed of your progress.  What gets measured, gets done.


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