How’s it possible to gain 4 pounds in a day!

Weight gain can be a problem in older or seden...

(not my dog!  just a cute photo) Pretty common question here — and something I’m personally experiencing this morning.  Yesterday was dear daughter’s high school graduation party, outdoors, in a great setting with plenty of opportunity to run around with the dog and kids and just have a great time with family and friends.  I ate once between noon and midnight (being Keeper of the Buffet Line) so I had a reasonably large meal, but woke up this morning 4 pounds heavier.  How can that be?

If you didn’t eat 3,500 calories of extra food, you don’t have an extra pound of permanent weight gain.  So where does it come from?

1. Salt intake.  Your perfectly designed body is diluting the salt in all those special foods by keeping back some of the water you’d normally lose.  The salinity level you need to keep your electrical system working is actually a very narrow range that needs to be maintained just so.  A gallon of water weighs 8+ pounds, so just a little bit of extra water adds quite a bit to your weight.

2. Super-hydration.  It was hot, so I hit the non caloric drinks off and on all afternoon and evening.

3. Exercise-related water retention.  This one is a little more personalized; some of us weigh more after a long exercise session, like we had yesterday early afternoon.

4. Food weight.  Food is heavy.  While the extra food is being digested, it adds to your weight on the scale.

So… don’t make a lot of your four pound gain, or conversely of your 2 pound per day loss for the next couple of days.  Be all about weekly and even more importantly monthly and annual weight change year over year.  Your weight fluctuates in a well designed, meaningful way, and your weight today is not the report card from how well you did  yesterday.


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