How to Make an Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I took this picture. Grilled cheese sandwich w...Grilled cheese and tomato soup — now there’s a meal.  Grilled cheese has gotten a bad rap because of the way it’s often made — painted with butter and full of suspicious cheese.

The ingredients for a greal grilled cheese are only 3, and as is always the case, simplicity is best.

1. Great bread.  A whole wheat with seedy crunchy nutty extras is ideal, especially if you make it yourself.

2. Great cheese.  Real cheese, with a distinct taste to it.  You don’t have to use much cheese if it’s great stuff to begin with.  A little great cheese is much better than a lot of Diet Cheez Substitute.

3. Butter.  Real butter.  Just enough..  I’d recommend just melting a teaspoon of actual, unsalted butter in the bottom of your pan and rubbing the bread in that before you get started.

Be sure to check out How to Make an Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Taste for Adventure – Unusual, Unique & Downright Awesome Recipes.


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