BelVita Breakfast Biscuits review

Ever wish you could have a cookie and a glass of milk for breakfast?  You can.

We actually took our own product through development once and found it would would supply 1/3 of someone’s daily nutrition — but it would cost $3.50 per bar, need to be refrigerated, and have a shelf life of only 3-5 days, because it was full of real oats, whey protein, powdered milk, and honey.  If the price of powdered milk goes down we may still have a go at that.

OR, you could just buy you some Nabisco breakfast biscuits. They’re biscuits not in the Southern sense, but in the English sense — cookies you have with a beverage.  We gave the oat version a go.

As far as taste, meh.  Sort of sweet.  Convenience?  Sort of, but sort of crumbly.

Most importantly though, is the nutritional claims.  A four-cookie serving of these is the rough equivalent of a cupcake as far as sugar and calories, with a very limited amount of protein.  Supposedly the carbs are slow release to help you not get hungry again quite as quickly.  We didn’t notice that effect. The way to not get hungry so soon after breakfast, by the way, is to have a nice serving of protein — meat is good for this — and even a little fat — nuts are good for this.  The slow release carbs hunger control is right down the alley of NutriSystem — and as far as hunger control, good luck with that.

So overall, we’re going to give these a B-, if you eat a half serving along with some long digesting protein for breakfast.  By themselves, which, let’s face it, is how they’re going to be used, by the grab and go breakfast crowd, we’re going to call these a sweet, flat cupcake.


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