Americans Still Eat Too Much Salt, CDC Finds

Nine out of 10 people ages 2 and older in the United States consume more than the recommended amount of sodium each day, the report says.

The average American takes in about 3,300 milligrams of sodium per day — and that’s not counting the salt you might shake onto your food before you eat it.

via Americans Still Eat Too Much Salt, CDC Finds | Daily Sodium Intake |



Salt is the only nutrient that has a MAXIMUM amount to stay UNDER.  You need a little salt, interestingly enough you need about the amount that is naturally present in natural foods.  That’s why it’s considered a nutrient, because you need some to live.  But the heart health effects of eating too much salt have raised concerns that the  current daily maximum recommendation is far too high. Look for that to be progressively lowered.

How can you lower your own daily salt intake?  When you’re cooking, don’t add salt to the food; serve the salt as a sprinkle-on.  It takes much less salt to give a salty taste to the outside of your food.  Eat out less often, and when you do, order vegetable based items and specifically ask for no salt to be used when cooking your food — you may need to enlist your server’s help to know how foods are prepared.  Eat frozen prepared food less often.  Eat bargain priced lunchmeat less often.  Basically the same list as the general list of how to eat successfully — eat less, cook for yourself, mostly plants and proteins with minimal processing.


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