Do a quick kitchen makeover while you’re learning to cook

Lots of our coaching clients have really only used their kitchen for heat and eat living. When you’re losing weight You’re also learning, hopefully, kitchen skills so you can feed yourself.

To make your kitchen more fun to use, here are a few quick, inexpensive projects that will really add some sizzle to your kitchen routine,

Lighting. Bright places are more inviting. Open up more natural light any way you can. Add under counter lighting in your work areas too. Strip lights are a nice cheap way to go here.

Knives. Get a paring knife and small chefs knife that fits your hand.

Island. This was one of my major cheap discoveries, Rolling islands with storage and a cutting surface add huge utility, and you can get one with a drop leaf and use it for a small table too.

Wooden salad bowl. Ru garlic on it, oil it up, and toss your salad in it. Instant high-end salad station.

Cookware. Better to get one piece at a time of something you really like. My personal fab is Emerilware stainless because it is dishwasher safe and is way less expensive than All Clad. If you have a restaurant supply store nearby that sells used equipment, you may find some All Clad, everybody from Waffle House to foo foo places use it.


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