Which grocery store shake is the best to be my sole source of nutrition?

Image of a typical Shaker Bottle used to mix a...

Actually, none of them.  Grocery store shakes, as well as vitamin store shakes, are meant to be nutritional supplements or meal replacements only in the context of continuing to eat other foods as well.  None of them are aimed at sole source nutrition.

If you want to go on an all-shakes program, it’s important that you proceed with it under direct medical supervision.  There are tests you’ll want first, tests you’ll want periodically during your weight loss process, and a whole bunch of work you’ll do with your medical expert on how to begin eating regular food when you’re coming off the all-shakes program, to avoid severe gastric or gallbladder issues.

We can’t stress this enough.   All-shakes diets promise faster weight loss not because they are shakes (everything you eat becomes a shake before it’s digested) but because it’s a VLCD, a Very Low Calorie Diet.  There are specific products your physician may or may not recommend based on your medical history and current medical status.  When you go off the all-shakes diet, it’s normal to regain part of what you lost pretty much right away.  To get right to the point, you can lose weight overall as quickly with a controlled intake of a certain number of good, healthful calories, and in the process not have to worry about teaching yourself to eat once you lose the weight — you’re eating all the way down to your goal like you intend to eat afterwards, just less of it.

Grocery store or vitamin store shakes are convenient meal replacements for individual meals, but they’re not designed to be all you eat.


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