Muscle Milk Light Chocolate review

When you’re looking for a shake, it’s all about a balance between the factors most important to you.

For myself, that’s:

1. Taste

2. Protein content (>20 grams per serving is what I look for)

3. Balance with carb content (>10 grams per serving is what I’m after

4. Low sugar carbs

5. Ease of mixing without a blender

6. Super creaminess when mixed with a blender and ice

7. Did I mention taste?     🙂

8. Filling


Muscle Milk Light hits all these areas.  It tastes pretty amazing. The chocolate can easily pass for chocolate milk; there’s no grittiness or funny chemical overtones.  It doesn’t whip up into a near-pudding thickness like Myoplex Regular, but it’s still got body to it after it’s been in the blender — though it works pretty good in a shaker, especially if you’ve got a blender ball (looks like a whisk in the shape of a small ball).

It also comes in vanilla (not bad) cookies and cream (very good), cake batter (I’ll have to try that one) and other additional flavors.    It’s not the absolute most filling shake we can think of, but it’s adequately filling.

Overall, we’ll give it a 9 out of 10.



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