Taco Bell Dorito Taco review

We are not at all proponents of junk food, but this one required further personal investigation.  Two nice tastes, together in the same product. Doritos and tacos, together at last.

You can imagine this becoming a big deal at Taco Bell, if they roll it into their overall approach of making more and more things out of the same ingredients. Once it went to the hard taco inside the soft taco, then the soft taco inside the hard taco, the concept was starting to wear a little thin on me. But then I was pretty pleased with the Fresco menu, in which actual fresh pico de gallo replaces cheese to lower the calories and fat grams while raising the nutritional value. Nice job. Still the white flour tortilla, but more food value on top of it. Commendable.

Then they really got me going with the teasers for the Dorito taco. It test marketed for quite awhile; it looks like part of the issue was being able to eat it without getting Dorito powder all over your hands. Thus it comes in a cardboard sleeve, closed on one end, so I guess you’re supposed to progressively slide it out of the other end. That’s not how I roll, so I got Dorito powder on my hands, something I was totally familiar with from my fat days. Not a big deal, it licks off.

So how did it taste? Good. I compared it side to side with a regular taco, and found its caloric load to be the same, and actually one gram less fat. But does it taste good? Not enough better for a special run to the Bell, but yes, it tastes fine.

Not as good as I’d been imagining, oddly enough. Fine, but it’s not going to redefine taco-ness for me.

As far as recommendations, look, Doritos powder has no claims at being an entirely natural product. We tend to recommend you eat only things your great grandmother would recognize as food. Mostly. The degree of Mostly you want to achieve is up to you. Mine is pretty high, so in general I’d usually pass on this. My typical Taco Bell pick is an order of beans, with a fresco chicken soft taco on top, without the tortilla. And a whole bunch of hot sauce so the small meal appears to be a lot to eat. We keep Texas Pete‘s hot sauce for such a time as this. Taco Bell sauce packets, meh, not impressive. But Texas Pete’s, I could write a song about. Glorious stuff. Baked corn tortillas spread with mushed up canned natural pintos, topped with and fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cilantro from the garden, with Texas Pete’s, is a meal to remember.

But we digress. Doritos tacos, judgement time.

3 out of 5 stars, just like regular tacos.


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