Outdoor exercise

Frequent readers remember our frequent encouragements to give your body a continual stream of different, somewhat demanding exercise requirements, so you’re working different muscle groups, especially in real-world situations, for a more productive, more satisfying overall exercise experience long term.

Gym programs are valuable, and so are home-based exercise rotation programs like  P90X  — and (not “but”, but “and”) it’s getting to be the time of year where most of us can start introducing good amounts of real-world outdoor experience that leaves us not only well worked out, but also with something concrete to show for it.

A few examples:

  • Consider mowing your yard entirely with a push mower, even if you have to break that up over several sessions to get it done
  •  Build a rock wall
  • Get your mulch and other yard products delivered to one spot and move it around yourself.
  • Dig up some beds for growing your own flowers and food
  • Refresh your landscaping

All of that extra pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying is just as good for your exercise program, and perhaps even more caloric because you’re encouraged enough by the progress breaking forth in your outdoor area, that you keep on longer than you would have it was just clomping along on a treadmill.


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