Job 13 NIV 1984

Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him;

I will surely defend my ways to his face.

Indeed, this will turn out for my deliverance

Job 13:15.

Job was tested in ways unimaginable to me, having his wife, children, and all his considerable wealth taken.  Yet here in this crucial passage from his lament, see what he says.  Look, I don’t care if God personally puts me to death, himself,  I still have trust that what I’m going through will turn out for my deliverance.

And this at a point in history generally considered to be far in advance of the fuller scriptural explanation of the nature of what happens after death.  He’s not talking about heaven being worth our struggle here on earth, he’s projecting that God will eventually deliver him in this life because he is on the path of righteousness.

So I’m thinking this morning,  am I confident enough to have the boldness to say, my deliverer is standing by and is coming.   Even if I die in the process, I am so sure of the rightness of what I am, and am doing, that I’m 100% confident in the outcome.


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