Pepsi Next Review

Here come the mid-calorie drinks.  You may remember we were pretty happy with Dr. Pepper 10, a soda with 10 calories per 12 ounce serving.  Pepsi’s take on the mid calorie concept is to split the diet/regular dichotomy right down the middle, with a  half the calories of a Pepsi.  National distribution starts March 26, though you may be able to check it out now.

You get the high fructose corn syrupy sweet taste of a regular soda, and the artificial sweetener taste of a diet soda, together.  Which is an unusual middle ground already tried unsuccessfully by both Coke (Coke C2) and Pepsi (Pepsi Edge and Pepsi XL).    Now that there’s Pepsi Max, with a different combination of artificial sweeteners yielding a more Pepsi-like taste, it’s confusing, just who will be buying Pepsi Next.    Diet  drinkers wanting more  Pepsi-ness will go for Pepsi Max, and Pepsi-ness seekers wanting full Pepsi taste will go for regular Pepsi.

How’s it taste?  Generally not bad, though it has an odd flatness not unlike a soda fountain Pepsi.  The relative sharpness of Pepsi over Coke is somehow missing.  Overall, in our subjective opinion it didn’t taste as good as Pepsi Max, which tastes pretty much like Pepsi.  Not as much as Coke Zero tastes like Coke, but close enough.

Our recommendation:  the reformulated diet colas Coke  Zero and Pepsi Max have a better flavor with very little diet sweetener taste, and are non-caloric.  The   60 calories in Pepsi Next represent, for myself, 10 minutes on the treadmill to burn it off, and it’s not really worth the walk.


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