Simulated $4 coffee beverages




Alas, we’ve been impacted by our own kitchen philosophy.  You know our personal list of what you have counter space for:  multi-purpose devices you use quite frenquently.  This pretty much eliminates our little espresso maker with the steamer wand that goes pssssssssssssssst.

That’s OK, it didn’t do a super great job anyway, the steamer especially, and if anything was slightly incorrectly done, there’d be a mess.

Much better option:  a $20 milk frother, milk and regular coffee.  There’s more than plenty of froth,  it fits in an under-counter drawer, and it frees up about a 6″x9″ piece of that priceless counter top real estate.   And it doubles as a very fast single small serving whipped cream creator, for the sugar free Italian sodas we’ll post the very easy recipe for later in the week.


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