How to lose weight

weight 2.0

weight 2.0 (Photo credit: Esthr)

Another top question with a pretty straightforward answer.

How to I get to be a lower weight than I am now, once I know how much I want to weigh?

Check out the Basal Metabolic Rate you will be when you get to the weight you want to be.  Eat that, adding in calories for your best-effort exercise caloric burn. If that is a vast difference between your current BMR  and this number, split the difference, by as much as 1,000 calories if you’re a biggie size.  Then adjust down more, once the gap between your current BMR and your target BMR is smaller.


Why does that work?  You will become exactly the right weight for the number of calories you’re eating, eventually.  That’s how you got to exactly the weight you are now, and it’s how you’ll get to the weight you want to be


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