What to eat

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Here’s one that’s got to be near the top.  What should I eat?

Let’s assume you don’t have any medically encouraged specific type of plan.  The way of eating that’s generally most recommended now, is the same one recommended in the early 1900’s, all the books and plans and schemes aside:

1. Fruits and vegetables as the base of your diet

2. Grains, mostly whole, including beans and seeds, and

3. Lean protein in the form of meat, dairy, or vegetarian options.

4. Occasional treats to take the edge of the thought you’re having to eat differently from everybody else.

This is the Mediterranean diet, and also the South  Beach diet, and the Carb Lovers diet, and the Butter Busters diet, and Weight Watchers, and every other generally regarded as long-term effective diet.


A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

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