What to do when losing weight sucks

I really wish the self-denial involved in losing weight came easily.  It just doesn’t.  And the rosy testimonials we see in the media really don’t help in that regard.  It’s not joyful.  It is no fun at all to feel hungry.  It’s not fun to pass up free food.  Not being able to eat what your friends are eating, just really reeks.  And I will never forget the feeling of looking at the scales after a week of total compliance and seeing just a couple of pounds lost.  All that pain, for what.

But that’s the point.

We’re raising three kids.  Two of them might as well be angels in human form, they’re so easy.  One, not so much.  At all.  But that’s how it is.  We’re crazy about each other, we just see everything completely differently from each other.  It’s frequently a collision of our wants vs. reality.  Weeping only lasts for awhile, and then there’s joy at the end.  We hope and pray, at least.  And we press on.  And that child, loved on and prayed over, is turning around.  Grace envelops some people all at once, but to we who are headstrong, it comes more gently.  God has a much longer sense of timing than we do.  I must accept that timing without imposing my own.

I went to college full time, worked full time at the same time, and was husband to a wife who lost her father from one moment to the next right after we got married and I started my second trip through graduate school at her college. We lived in a little bitty apartment, drove an itty bitty car, and had constant issues.  But we pressed on, because we wanted the results enough that we accepted the cost.

Losing weight hurts too.  Minute by minute, all the way through, for some of us.  There are two separate ways to make this more gentle for you.

ONE:  Become the person you want to be.  That person is someone who takes good care of themselves.  You’re taking extra, extra good care of yourself by insuring you burn off that stored up fat as quickly as possible, because you don’t need to be wearing those tens or hundreds of thousands of calories.  Accept the deal, deal out your day, and when you go to bed you know you’ve done well, and that’s not so painful if you look at it daily.

TWO:  Develop a long term outlook.  I realize it sounds like a contraction to the above, but not really.  Give up the joy of overeating, for the much greater joy of arriving at your goal weight.  Psalm 129. Sow the good seed in sorrow, knowing there will be sorrow, because you know that you will reap a joyful harvest.    The false little bit of joy from overeating, produces a lot more pain later.   Pain today produces much better joy tomorrow.


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