English: An MRE contains a complete meal for u...

Yes.  Here are a couple of illustrations:

1. Your doctor tells you you have to lose a whole bunch of weight really fast, and lays out what it is you’re going to do to get there, and you’re following that with extra supervision.

2.  You don’t know how to cook yet, at all, nada, noting, zilch, no kitchen skills.  We’ve only met a couple of folks like this thus far, but for them it was easier to eat packaged food or shakes for a short time while they learned to feed themselves.

3.  You have no personal will power at all.  In this case, having a plan that takes you totally off the food wagon may help.  The stuff comes, you eat it, and you don’t eat anything that’s not part of that.  It gets a little more complex when you’re supposed to add your own veggies and fruit to that.  There’s still going to be the impulse to cheat, and you’ll have to set all thoughts of cheating aside.



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