Frozen grocery store meals, or home delivery diet?

March 22 dinner - NutriSystem burger, & green ...

Thanks for the question, by the way.  Happy to share a few thoughts on the subject.

According to Consumer Reports, both NutriSystem and Jenny Craig are helpful, if somewhat expensive home delivery food.  It arrives as a collection of little boxes in a big box, you divide it up day by day, adding your veggies and eat it, you lose weight.

But they’re expensive.  NutriSystem will set you back $350/month if you want to include its frozen food along with all the shelf stable mini MRE’s, and JC is reportedly up near $600/month.

So can you create a similar system for yourself with Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, and Healthy Choice?  Yes.  If you eat less than you need to eat to stay as large as you are, you will get smaller.  You can eat LC’s or you can eat Twinkies and Red Bull, in the right number of calories, and you’ll lose weight.  As far as taste, I’m going to go with the general googled opinion that they’re all pretty much not your mama’s cooking but are acceptable, especially if your determination to lose weight produces an acceptance of iffy little packaged simulations of food.

Do you need these?  Absolutely not.  Here’s the big problem — they’re all asking you to temporarily Go On A Diet, lose a lot of weight, then Go Off The Diet and suddenly need to know how to cook.  It’s a recipe for failure for many, because the thing you do to lose the weight is not the same thing you do to keep the weight off.

What’s better?  We keep coming back here to the idea of learning to make some really simple things well, in quantity, and dealing those out to yourself day by day.  Stir some chicken breast in a pan, put some broccoli in a steamer bag, make a pot of brown rice, buy some bags of frozen veggies and something special to throw on the grill, and you’ve got lunches for a week for about 4 day’s worth of the cost of all frozen meals all the time.  You can do the same thing with any protein and carb combination.  And you’ll have some fun and use up some of that excess mental bandwidth left over from not being so consumed by food.


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