Kitchen space

It’ll soon, that time of year, spring cleaning; clean out, renew, restore… gotta love that process.

Is your kitchen short on space?  There are all kinds of ways to add more, from additional shelving, to hanging your pots and pans, to major kitchen rehab or remodeling.

But the easiest, possibly most productive way is to go through the storage you have in your kitchen and eliminate stuff you don’t need to be right at hand.

Appliances you use, but not monthly, can be moved elsewhere in your home.

Food that’s notably past its use-by date — byebye.

Stuff you bought to feed your cravings that you wound up not needing to eat — byebye indeed.

If you really get into the kitchen renewal thing, take everything, every single thing, out of everywhere in your kitchen, decide where the best place to keep everything is, get you some inexpensive racks-dividers-plastic drawers-storage containers-etc, and put it all in where you want it.

You may find your kitchen has a lot more room than you thought.


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