How to survive a dairy intolerance

Quick note from a coaching session question that comes up more often all the time, it seems.  How does your family survive a childhood food alergy?

We’ll start today with dairy, since it’s a little easier to avoid and is usually an intolerance (makes you sick) instead of an allergy (sends you to the hospital).

This isn’t by any means a suggestion uniquely from me, and it makes sense — consider yourself a vegan who eats meat.  Get some great vegan cookbooks, and realize you can substitute meat for the meat substitutes and have a 100% dairy-free existence.

Experiment, if you’re permitted to, with what forms of dairy don’t bother you.  Often the person can have hard cheeses, like real Parmesan, because the lactose level is low due to the way they’re made.  Sometimes yogurt is ok for the same reason.  And there are plenty of very acceptable dairy substitutes.  Almond milk, soy yogurt, and other conveniences of modern life are very usable substitutes both for direct eating and in cooking.


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