The end of $7 per quart yogurt

Lots of people fell into making their own yogurt out of the pure food movement, or the slow food movement, or the self-reliance movement … but the fact is, it used to be pretty common to make a pot of clabber on the back of the wood stove a few generations ago.

Which has grown up into making your own yogurt.  The only reason my household came into it was that Chobani is almost $8 for the large container, whereas the milk required to make it is about $1.50.

You can use a yogurt maker, which in reality is just a crockpot set to keep the temp between 110-130 degrees, or you can use any number of other ways to keep the cultured milk warm long enough for your starter to digest the lactose in the milk, leaving the nice protein rich, probiotic-enriched end product.

Here’s one way.  Do this at your own risk, I’m not into it because I don’t want to haveng a heating pad going unsupervised.  Better to use the pilot light of a gas oven, or the bulb in an electric oven (possibly warm enough) or the stove-top simmer.  Either way you’ll need a liquids thermometer to check the temp the first few times you do this.

What You Need to Make Yogurt

via How to Make Yogurt – What You Need to Make Yogurt.

Eventually you may branch out into making your own preserves for stirring in, or draining it to make a simple, very tasty cheese … lots of possibilities here.   Enjoy.


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