How to make your own almond milk

My family loves the stuff.  It’s expensive, sugar laden, and I can’t find a non-caloric-sweetened version at the grocery.

But it’s not hard to make…. give it a go. The recipe here has a natural but caloric sweetener — you can substitute Truvia with good results and Splenda with pretty darned acceptable results.

Truvia, by the way, is a totally non-nasty stevia product.  It’s good enough for coffee and tea, which should be indicative that stevia has come a long way from that bitter, is-it-sweet? taste the first stevia products on the marketplace were infamous for.

*Note about the recipe*  — cheesecloth.

The recipe we linked to above calls for cheesecloth.  You may have some of this if you previously followed our suggestion of making your own cheap grocery brand yogurt into Greek yogurt by straining it through cheesecloth.  Actually I use what we old farm people call flour sack material, and you could substitute in a piece of muslin material or some similar piece of material.  A coffee filter will do, though that sort of takes the old world charm out of it, doesn’t it.

By the way, almond milk was very, very widely used in place of milk until the time of the kitchen icebox, because it lasts a whole lot longer than cow’s milk.    Before here lately, if you had cows, and you had excess milk beyond what you could drink, it either became butter, cheese, or it soured out right away, and after a few days in that state, it’s wasted. Almond milk fell out of favor when refrigeration and refrigerated milk delivery became commonplace, and really only came back into vogue from vegans and vegetarians and the like … like my dear wife, the militant evangelical vegetarian.

*second note about the recipe* — nutrition

Grocery store almond milk often has vitamins added, and this does not. But that’s fine because around here we preach EATING your vitamins instead of trying to get them primarily via supplements.


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