Sharing the journey

Part three in the three-part extremely easiest guide to weight loss.

Part one: Put a limit on  your intake

Part two: Take the limit off of your output

Part three: hang with people who Do whenever possible.

Losing weight is not particularly difficult once you accept the fact that it’s more painful to stay like you are than to change.  Then once you decide to change, change comes really easy at first.  Then it gets hard, and by that time, you need your support team fully in place.

Find one person today you can tell you’re going to lose weight, and do. Have them ask you how it’s going whenever they see you.  Ideally, make it someone whose determination and self-control you admire.  Hang with that person through thick and thin.

Then accumulate more people of this sort.  Additionally, seek out people who have Done what you want to Do, to ask questions to, and hang with them to find out what makes them tick, what they think about food, what they eat, what they do for fun.   Take heed; a good guide is one who is very familiar with the path ahead for you.



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