How to become a more active person

100 years ago, obesity was only a problem among the wealthy, because for everyone else, food was scarce and it could only be gotten by exerting a lot.  Think about how much work you would have had to do 100 years ago to bake a cake — chop the firewood, haul it in, stack and age it, split it, put it in the stove, do the heavy work of cooking on a wood stove, then eat.  In the process, you’d easily “pay back” the calories you were consuming.

How much effort is involved in making a cake now?  Just pick it up already made.  Or at worst, just turn on the oven and make the cake.

The way to become a more active person is to create the kind of life you would have had 100 years ago.  Walk a lot.   Do things the long way.  Lift heavy things, carry things around, bend, stoop, climb.   You can do all of this at home, if you live very very intentionally.  For most of us with much to lose, the only good place to live like 100 years ago is at the gym.  Because you don’t have 100 bales of hay you can stack today, you have to go find a place that lets you lift a lot of heavy stuff, safely, in some degree of comfort.

I have never known anyone who lost 50 or 100 pounds without a gym membership.  You may indeed be that person, and if you are, great.  Otherwise, find an exercise facility, find some relatively hard work you don’t utterly dislike, and go after it as often as practical.  I don’t want to set a lower limit for how much is your minimum daily requirement, because I want you to think only in terms of maximizing, not minimizing, your daily output.


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