How to limit your intake calories

Let’s break this down to its simplest form.  Your body requires X amount of fuel per day to stay at the same size it is now.    There’s lots of ways to determine what X is, but here’s the simplest:   look up the BMR of the weight you want to be, and eat that many calories a day, and you’ll get to that weight.   That takes out of the picture any over-inflating of your exercise calories.

So how do you determine how many calories you’re eating a day? Two ways:

1. Based on measurement.  Log them. This is the best way to count.  Use a book or web site to track them.

2. Based on actual results.  This is the best way to verify your count.  For every 3500 calories of caloric deficit you’ll lose about a pound, over time.  If your actual results look like you need more deficit than that, there’s a 5% chance you have a metabolic disorder and that’s just the way it’s going to be, and a 95% chance you’re not being totally representative with your intake logging.






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