What’s the best mobile app for recording my weight lifting sessions?

After trying numerous iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire Android apps … our recommendation is …..  drum roll….

You guessed it!   A pencil and a little notebook.   Everything else is going to leave you dinking around with your technology instead of getting your workout done.

Make a chart for each day, with your list of activities and a space for tracking that day over a period of maybe 8 weeks.

My own personal shorthand is like this, for each Saturday over 8 Saturdays, for example, in the row that says Preacher Curls and the column that has 12/10 I have:

20/20   15/30  10 / 40   5/60

Meaning twenty reps of 20 pounds each, followed by 15 reps of 30 pounds each followed by 10 of 40 and 5 reps of 60 pounds each.  Reverse pyramids, in other words.

Why track this?  So you’ll remember how hard it was to lift 30 pounds 6 weeks ago and how relatively easy it is now, for one thing.  For another, it makes it difficult to cheat or short circuit your training.



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