What’s up with you personally, Tim?

Just a progress note on my own formerly fat self.

Our children are now 17, 15, and 13. A future group fitness instructor, physical therapist, and taekwando studio owner, if their plans stay the same.

Truly amazing how my own life turnaround to a more healthy, fitter person has affected the children’s dreams too.

My dear wife is doing well, teaching high school art at the home-school co-op.

And the three dogs, five cats, nine birds, and couple hundred gallons of aquarium fish are fine too.

The farm has been 100% organic for five years — by economic reality as well as by choice, since chemical fertilizer is a petroleum product, its cost is prohibitive to breaking even for us.

And I’m now an enterprise IT architect again too, so work is more than fine.

God is great. I am good only to the extent I reflect that greatness to you.

For Thanksgiving through January 10 the blogging here is going to be perhaps less than daily, as I’m in a national over-50 fitness gain competition with a really nice first prize. So I spend a good amount of time not being on the computer! Yes, it is possible to lose fat and gain significant muscle during the holidays!


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