Stocking stuffer for dieters — Accu-Measure caliper and tape measure review

Here’s about the best use of $10 I can think of.

Weight loss isn’t just about the scales, it’s also about body fat loss and inches lost. It’s possible to lose just a few pounds but create a distinct loss of inches around your weight — something you can be proud of, a nice piece of progress.

Here’s how these work. The calipers are a single-site measure of the ‘pinch-an-inch’ variety. You look up your measure on a chart (men and women have separate charts) and you get a reading of your body fat percentage that’s a good enough approximation. You can use that to estimate the number of pounds of fat on your body, and from there your lean body mass, and from their a good ideal weight for you.

The tape measure totally solves that problem with taking your measurements — how hard to pull when you’re cinching up the tape. This one cinches itself up, with the same degree of force every time, so you get consistent measurements from week to week. Brilliant. Inexpensive.

Great gift for anybody on your Christmas list, and great tools for yourself.


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