Christmas Gifts for people losing weight … continued

It’s tough to get someone you care for a Christmas gift that implies they really need to lose major weight.  It’s just awkward.  Get past all that by giving gifts obviously targeted at health and fitness.

Here’s some more of our daily installments of giftable items I’ve found to be so useful I’ve worn them out and replaced them — the true measure of utility, arguably.
Lunch at work and while traveling is one of those main transformation areas for people.  Everybody likes cool, inexpensive containers that serve one particular purpose very well.  These little resuable, disposable Bento boxes are perfect for that.   Everything stays in its own little space,  and the overall look is pleasant enough to eat directly out of.

Perhaps even more useful are the cool little sets of multiple individual single-serving individual reusable containers you can pick up at your grocery.  That way you can cook a batch of whatevers ahead and distribute them to individual containers easily.  Then fixing your lunch involves just picking up an assortment of containers out of the fridge, and you’re off.


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