Christmas gifts for people who are losing weight: Dieters Christmas Gifts

You’ll probably right off the bat realize this, but around these parts being on a diet and being a slim-down fitness enthusiast are pretty much equivalent. Starting today and continuing for the next several days I’ll be listing some cool gift ideas that are, honestly, my favorite tools of the trade.  This year we’re restraining ourselves to items we’ve used up, worn out from continual use, or use pretty much daily — the go-to items that are my personal real live life favs.

In no particular order 🙂

Bowflex 522 adjustable dumbbells:  These are expensive.  But they are much less expensive than at first glance, because they’re all the dumbbell sizes from 5 to 52.5 pounds, in narrow ranges, in a ratchet mechanism that lets you easily switch weights.  These totally get rid of that clutter in your home fitness area.  Dumbbells are great because you have to independently stabilize each of your arms, and because you can do all the barbell exercises without having someone there to spot for you — losing your grip on a dumbbell is just going to cause a big noise and fall beside you on the floor, where losing your grip on a barbell has a really strong chance of serious head injury.  These puppies are much less expensive than a full dumbbell set.  I realize you can get two 20-pound plated adjustable  dumbbells for $60 all over, but those 20’s are going to be too light for most everybody pretty soon.  Check these out.

While you’re at the fitness place or fitness site, check out Therabands.  If you’re a YouTube googler you can find pretty much an entire strength conditioning program using just resistance bands.  The different colors have different amounts of resistance, and you can really feel the burn, baby, when you’re giving these things the stretch of their life.

Check back daily this week for more  Christmas Gifts for Big Losers.



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